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A reading of the data as close to the needs of professionals

Statistic analysis is ahead of your time, and in football is growing in a huge way. Pick the data is the first step and statistically they have no meaning without analysis. So that the numbers mean something, it needs to analyse. The advantage is not to have an amount of data but the theirs interpretation.

Specific data, technical and objective
Monitoring your players
A technical area available
Overview of young players in Italy


Personalization service with the possibility to point out the parameter and the availability to get into the video archive.

Analyse and study detailed for every single player able to help the client to have a complete technical and tactical vision.

A technical support useful to get a lot of information about the potential target.


A flexible tools and personalize depending on the client request, with an exclusive assistant to offer a customized service.

Analysis supported by tools, able to catch the sensation of the match helping the end decision. Every event or technical gesture is organized in qualitative way, thanks to a survey method, production and processing tested.


The versatility and the high customize make the technical area available to the head coach and theirs staff.

From the study of the game till the production of data going to the player monitoring.

Our qualified coaches work out the applied technical and individual tactical data, until to reach the tactics of the team and the study of the opponent.


Over 400.000 data for the Primavera 1 league and detailed analysis about the players from 17 and 19 years old.

Focus on the most important youth championship in Italy, the Primavera 1 and the third and fourth divisions (under 19 years of age).

The best young players under constant monitoring and control, with the possibility of ” alert ” in case of beginnings from category U17 to Under 19 and in case of convocation in the first team for the Primavera; a database with over 1,000 players for the first teams from the third to the fourth national division.


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