A reading of the data as close to the needs of professionals

Statistic analysis is ahead of your time, and in football is growing in a huge way. Pick the data is the first step and statistically they have no meaning without analysis. So that the numbers mean something, it needs to analyse. The advantage is not to have an amount of data but the theirs interpretation.

Technical information in support before the match
More than 2000 events detected for each match and 1600 technical parameters
Specific data, technical and objective
Overview of the next generation of players in Italy


A tool that can be customized according to customer requirements, with exclusive assistance to offer a specific service.

Technical and tactical content about the individual player and the team in preparation for the next match.

Statistics, processed data and in-depth analysis, with the aim of providing professional tools to our media partners.


A tool that can be customized according to customer requirements, with exclusive assistance to offer a specific service.

An analysis tool that supports the description of the match with an objective approach. Each technical events is classified in a highly qualitative process, the result of a consolidated and tested methodology of data acquisition, production and processing.



Personalization service with the possibility to point out the parameter and the availability to get into the video archive.

Analyse and study detailed for every single player able to help the client to have a complete technical and tactical vision.
A technical support useful to get a lot of information about the potential target.

Support to technical-tactical observation through data production, with opportunities to decrease investment risks.


Over 400,000 Primavera 1 championship data and detailed analysis of players aged between 17 and 19.

Focus on the most important youth championship in Italy, the Primavera 1.

The best young players under constant monitoring and control, with the possibility of “alerts” in the event of beginnings from the U17 category and in case of convocation to the first team.



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