A data production team available for scouting

Statistic analysis is ahead of your time, and in football is growing in a huge way. Pick the data is the first step and statistically they have no meaning without analysis. So that the numbers mean something, it needs to analyse. The advantage is not to have an amount of data but the theirs interpretation.

Specific data, technical and objective
Viewing the Italian next generation
The search for the ideal profile


Personalization service with the possibility to point out the parameter and the availability to get into the video archive.

Analyse and study detailed for every single player able to help the client to have a complete technical and tactical vision.

A technical support useful to get a lot of information about the potential target.
Support to technical-tactical observation through data production, with opportunities to decrease investment risks.


Footure Lab is the only company that produces and processes all the data for the Primavera 1 championship, with specific attention to monitoring the youngest profiles.

Access to data from the Primavera 1 TIM 2019/2020 championship, with over 400,000 data produced on players and over 350 profiles analysed.
Sportsdata processed to profile each player through the technical-tactical skills and offer an overview of the Italian Under 19 youth championship.


Search for the ideal profile through the support of the Scouting Department of Footure Lab.

Thousands of profiles monitored weekly and cataloged by characteristics and aptitudes to support you in the selection activity.

Our work allows to optimize the times of the skimming of the profiles, taking advantage of the weekly work on thousands of players.

Technology, specific skills and updating: anticipate competitors thanks to our Scouting Department.


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