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The data of your team: reports created according to the requests of the technical area

How we do it
The data is produced and processed using a consolidated methodology, tested by our customers.With over 2000 technical-tactical variables, the sportsdata Footure Lab has the possibility to meet the needs of clubs, through a production and processing of sportsdata totally customizable.Our team is made up of qualified coaches, formed internally and specialized in data acquisition in the world of football.

Cloud Footure Lab
With the Footure Lab cloud, our customers have the opportunity to manage their data confidentially: expertise and protection form our reputation.

Specific, technical and objective supporting data
Technical-tactical monitoring of your players
Monitors the evolution of the Academy

The Footure Lab data production team is made up of qualified coaches, to satisfy every technical need and work in detail on data acquisition.

The data is produced and processed in accordance with the needs of the staff. The service is based on a technical connection, to offer an aligned and fully functional service.

Footure Lab assigns a qualified contact person for each of our customers, with the possibility of having exclusive dedicated assistance and support any type of request or communication.

The data is exclusively available to the club and is protected with the latest cyber security technologies



Specific, technical and objective supporting data.

Analysis and detailed study of the matches played by your team.
An accurate and modulated production of data according to the customer’s needs.

A production and processing of sportsdata:
• Team (for example effectiveness of build-up or offensive production);
• Of each player on the field (complete technical-tactical overview).

An objective overview of the performance, which supports the interpretation of the match by the technical staff.


Technical-tactical monitoring of your players.

A tool to monitor your players, through reports and a video archive of every technical event in the match.

Monthly to annual reports, to keep under control the performance of their players: from the passing of the ball, to the offensive action, from the second balls and the defensive phase, all events are recorded and processed according to different parameters: from the type of technical event to the level of difficulty, from the area of the pitch to the result.

An objective tool for monitoring your players.



Monitors the performance of Academy players on a weekly schedule.

Youth Data is born from the Data Analysis and Player monitoring services: a focused data production that goes from Under 13 to Under 17. Sportsdata concerning individual technique at the service of the technical staff and the manager of the Academy: from the type of ball reception to the defense of the ball, from the ball control under pressure to the offensive e defensive duels; a methodology tested and appreciated, but above all totally adaptable to the needs of the technical area.

A customizable service and an innovative monitoring tool for young players.


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