Coach AssistantFooture DeskFOOTURE LAB SUPPORTS MISTER CANNAVARO’S STAFF: Footure Desk and Sportsdata

17 January 2020

Mister Cannavaro’s staff will have the technological support of Footure Lab for the production and management of technical-tactical data and will benefit from the new Footure Desk product, the result of the Abinsula work team, the first of a new suite of products designed to optimize the work of the technical area of the club, the technical staff and the medical area, up to the scouting area.

Developed to digitize the work of the staff, Footure Desk – Coach Assistant allows the daily interaction among the different club areas and provides a tool for planning and monitoring the work in the pitch (including goalkeepers), the medical management  as well as match analysis area (video and data archive).
A personal space for the technical staff that contains an overview of team management in the various areas: better organization means better management, through digital solutions that optimize the work of professionals.

Footure Desk provides customized solutions for companies operating in football, through a direct and exclusive assistance, managed by a team that has been working in the football industry for years as a professional and by the Abinsula’s know-how, which allows the introduction of new technologies.

Technology and sportsdata: in addition to Footure Desk digital solutions, the production and processing of technical-tactical data for Mister Cannavaro’s staff will be operative.
Footure Lab supports the technical staff and the match analysis area, through a fully customized internal data production and processing: data interpretation in performance evaluation and process analysis represents another competitive advantage, with the aim of providing focused and functional solutions.
In this context, the MISTER project is going on nons-top in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Cagliari, for the development of new technologies on data acquisition processes during the match.

Daniele Bianchi, CEO Footure Lab “We are proud to collaborate with our services and our product Footure Desk with a staff of international level. Our work supports all the components of the technical areas and aims to optimize the management of our clients’ work“.


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